The Bright Minds Behind Our Success 

Everyday, our team combines passion, purpose, and performance to achieve a common objective, to unlock the full potential of the Kingdom’s resources to create more value for our company and more opportunities for our people and others around the world.

Meet Our

CEO & Change Leader

Salman S. Gasim

A Hotelier, Entrepreneur, and Educator; he carries an  extensive professional experience gained over the years  from international corporations in Saudi Arabia, Paris, and  Geneva.


As the CEO of a dynamic hospitality firm in Saudi, his  mission is to contribute to the development of the  Hospitality and Tourism industry and bringing it to a whole  new level.


Hospitality is a human based that matures according to its  quality of service therefore he emphasis on bringing  awareness to individuals about thrilling opportunities in the  field thus, he was interviewed on CNBC Arabia, MBC, and  other media channels.

Abdulsalam AlKuwaity

Development Consultant

Faris Gasim

Senior Business Consultant

Sumaya Felemban

Executive Assistant to CEO

Fahad Tarabulsi

Operations Manager

Rawan Al-Jabai

Human Resources Director

Sara Al-Hazmi

Business Analyst

Omar Gasim

Hospitality Trainer

Rania Taleb

Hospitality Trainer

Abdulaziz Hummosani

Associate Trainer

Manal Al-Dini

Strategic Accounts Manager

Razan Monshi

Business Development Manager

Rajeh Al-Yafie

Talent Acquisition Officer

Nujood Al-Nahdi

Creative Design Specialist

Nabila Bahamdain

Marketing Offficer

Jumana Ashour

Senior Accountant

Zeina Kusaibati

Admission Officer

Samira Taye

Projects Specialist

Bader Al-Halees

Programs Officer

Hiraj Artinan

Head of Marketing & Development at SEG

Mohammad Al-Amin

Executive Assistant to CEO

Bader Al-Halees

Programs Officer