A Group of businessmen and women who are eager to contribute to the development of their society in a unique way and to fill a gap that would change the lives of its beneficiaries. Furthermore, the group is led by an inspiring Saudi philanthropist female with a vision to create social change through food by establishing the first start-of-the-arts culinary school in Saudi Arabia and operate it as a platform to advocate for three major issues;

  • Food wastage

  • Healthy eating

  • Local sourcing

Forging a strategic partnership with a leading culinary academy to adopt their quality and international standards.

To identify and align one of the tops internationally recognized culinary academies with the set of expectations and requirements of the client according to her vision.

Market survey on all culinary academies in the world

Analysis of each potential school and compare their standards with the client’s expectations

Create a strategic partnership proposal and presenting it to the senior management of the owning company of the academy

Review and modify the agreement clauses to the best interest of both parties

Organized an official signing ceremony between the client and the CEO of the international culinary academy and invited high-profile delegation, professionals from the field, and media channels to support the success of this collaboration.

  • The international academy recognized the newly established Saudi culinary institute

  • The international academy provided pre-opening support to the operation team of the client

  • The international academy provided hands-on practical training at their facilities for the chefs of the Saudi culinary institute

  • The international academy provided a unique pathway for students to pursue higher degree education at their facilities

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